Can my breasts get bigger doing weight bearing exercise

Well it’s a strange one, but it’s a question I was asked recently by one of our regular female clients. I can understand why she asked, as many clients assume that if you lift weights then you’ll automatically get big muscles. However that isn’t the case as it all depends on your training regime as to whether you go into hypertrophy (increase in muscle size) or toning.

Probably the first thing to understand is that the breasts consist mainly of fat and glandular breast tissue, the breasts lying on top of the pectoral (chest) muscles. So the only direct response to training on the breasts would be fat loss, hence a possible reduction in size due to fat loss only.

Lifting weights increases muscle tissue, which speeds up your metabolism so you lose fat. It won’t increase the size of your breasts, because they consist mainly of fatty / glandular tissue. Unlike muscle tissue, you can’t tone and firm fat. What you can do is target the pectoral muscles underneath the fatty tissue. By working your pecs, the circumference of your chest will increase slightly and your breasts pushed a bit forward. Over time, this can make your cleavage seem fuller.

So, while losing body fat is a pretty reliable way to shrink your breasts, genetics will determine just how much you lose. In general though, it is quite rare to have large breasts at a low level of body fat, which is why most swimsuit and fitness models have implants.

Thus it’s a myth that building up the pectoral muscles underneath the breasts will make them perky if they are already sagging.  The visible division of the pectoral muscles at the top of the rib-cage does help to create the illusion of a cleavage. That being said it is often advised that women do some mid/upper back work to strengthen the back and counteract the downward pulling effect of their breasts, therefore improving posture.

So in conclusion it may appear that the chest looks perkier but it’s probably down to improved posture.

I hope this goes someway to answering the above question.