Gap Year and Volunteering

Volunteering websites – V’s website (ex-Millennium volunteers) – Community Service Volunteers’ website – A gap year website with information on how to plan and organise a gap year as well as some suggestions on what you could do and where you could go – broken down into some ‘easy to use’ categories. It includes a section on “short gaps” for those of you considering a small amount of time away during your year off.

A ‘year in industry’ – For students looking for paid employment during a gap year, and who are interested in working in STEM industries, you can use this website to search, and apply, for vacancies.

Omio’s Gap Year guide

The guide contains detailed information on:

  • The benefits of taking a gap year
  • How to organize a gap year step by step
  • Itinerary suggestions and tips for traveling in Europe on a budget
  • Volunteering in Europe
  • How to successfully find and apply for an internship in Europe

Other websites containing information about possible gap year activities