Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8)

All students broadly follow the QCA scheme of work published by central government.

This has been adapted to suit the resources and skills available within Harton Academy and has undergone some development to ensure adequate differentiation to suit individual needs. Students in KS3 have six hours of science per fortnight.

Curriculum intent

  • to more actively engage pupils at the beginning of their secondary Science education;
  • to prepare students more thoroughly for the new, more challenging GCSE qualifications introduced from September 2016.
  • to properly embed key practical, mathematical and thinking skills which are transferable to other subjects.
  • to help build resilience and mindfulness in students to help them cope with the rigours of examination only assessment at KS4.
Year 7
Module 1 Units Module 2 Units Module 3 Units

B1 – Cells & Organisation

C1 – Fundamentals of Chemistry

P1 – Forces & Motion

B2 – Homeostasis & Reproduction

C2 – Simple Chemical Reactions

P2 – Energy

B3 – Health & Disease

C3 – Earth & The Atmosphere

P3 – Electricity & Magnetism


Year 8
Module 1 Units Module 2 Units Module 3 Units

B1 –  Genetics

C1 –  Atoms, Molecules & Bonding

P1 –  Waves

B2 –  Human Biology

C2 –  Using Metals

P2 – Energy &

B3 –  Ecology

C3 –  Rates & Reactions

P3 –  Forces & Matter

For each module students will sit a 40 minute examination to assess their progress in each of the three units. This follows the same scheme of assessment used at GCSE level and should prepare students well for terminal examinations.

Pupils complete work in exercise books and PowerPoint presentations are used widely in lesson delivery. All year 7 and 8 students cover the same material with differentiation taken care of by classroom teachers to tailor the course to fit the needs of their classes.  This helps to standardise Science lessons for all.

Key Stage 3 (Year 9)

Students begin Edexcel GCSE Science content in year 9.

Units they cover are:

Year 9
Biology Chemistry Physics

Key concepts in Biology

Cells and Control


States of matter and separating mixtures

Atomic structure and the periodic table

Groups 1, 7 and 0


Forces and motion

Conservation of energy

Students are taught by three separate specialist teachers at this stage one a Biologist, one a Chemist and the other a Physicist. Each unit is assessed using a GCSE style examination.  Results from these alongside all KS3 data will be used to select students we feel are best suited for the separate science (blue) GCSE pathway.

Key Stage 4

Students currently follow a broad Science curriculum leading to the award of 2 or 3 science GCSEs. During the two years most students will study for a GCSE Combined science qualification. A select number of students will study for separate Science qualifications in GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Physics. These students will be invited to take these qualifications as an option provided they have a high enough KS3 level to cope with the demands of the courses.

Students in Key Stage 4 will follow one of the courses below. Further information on the content can be found using the link provided.

Edexcel GCSE Combined Science

Students are always taught by three separate specialist teachers at this stage and will have 3 lessons per fortnight with each one. Students will cover small modules in Biology, Physics and Chemistry. All modules are assessed through six 1 hour 10 minute examinations (2 in each of the Science disciplines) which take place in June of year 11. The scores for all six examinations are then added together to give an overall double 9-1 grade (e.g. (5-5 or 4-5)

There is now no coursework component to the course however students are required to complete 18 core practical activities throughout the two years of the course which will feature in their final examinations. This allows an assessment of their practical skills to be made within the confines of the existing tests.

Edexcel Separate Sciences (GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Physics)

This pathway will be studied by some year 10 and 11 students and acceptance onto it is by invitation only.

The courses covered include all of the content studied by GCSE Combined Science students but is enhanced by the coverage of more content providing great levels of challenge for more able students and also a better transition onto the Science A-Level courses. Students are taught by three separate specialist teachers and will have 4 lessons per fortnight with each one.

All 3 subjects are assessed through examinations which take place in June of year 11. Students will complete two 1 hour 45 minute papers for each GCSE with marks then combined to give a single overall 9-1 grade.

There is again no coursework component to the course and students are required to complete 8 core practical activities for each GCSE throughout the two years. These will again feature in their final examinations allowing an assessment of their practical skills to be made within the confines of the existing tests. 

Key Staff

Miss F Jessup :

Name: Miss F Jessup

Role: Teacher


Miss K Walker :
Deputy Headteacher - Teaching, Learning

Name: Miss K Walker

Role: Deputy Headteacher - Teaching, Learning and CPD


Miss L Cunningham :

Name: Miss L Cunningham

Role: Teacher


Miss L Robison :

Name: Miss L Robison

Role: Teacher


Miss M Wells :

Name: Miss M Wells

Role: Teacher


Miss T Snowdon :

Name: Miss T Snowdon

Role: Teacher


Mr A Holder :

Name: Mr A Holder

Role: Teacher


Mr B Leadbetter :

Name: Mr B Leadbetter

Role: Teacher


Mr C Fox :

Name: Mr C Fox

Role: Teacher


Mr D Percy :

Name: Mr D Percy

Role: Teacher


Mr G Varley :
Deputy Headteacher - Pastoral

Name: Mr G Varley

Role: Deputy Headteacher - Pastoral


Mr J Law :
Head of Physics

Name: Mr J Law

Role: Head of Physics


Mrs H Pearson :
Subject Leader

Name: Mrs H Pearson

Role: Subject Leader


Mrs K Jackson :
Senior Science Technician

Name: Mrs K Jackson

Role: Senior Science Technician


Mrs K Longstaff :
Head of KS 3&4 Chemistry

Name: Mrs K Longstaff

Role: Head of KS 3&4 Chemistry


Mrs K Parkin :
Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Assi

Name: Mrs K Parkin

Role: Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Assistant Primary Liaison Co-ordinator


Mrs R Gibson :
Head of KS5 Chemistry

Name: Mrs R Gibson

Role: Head of KS5 Chemistry


Mrs R Green :
Assistant Headteacher - Supplementary Le

Name: Mrs R Green

Role: Assistant Headteacher - Supplementary Learning Provision


Mrs S Cannell :

Name: Mrs S Cannell

Role: Teacher


Mrs S Laidler :

Name: Mrs S Laidler

Role: Teacher