2013 – David Walliams


1st March 2013

We were incredibly proud and honoured to be able to host the 11th South Shields Annual Lecture. This is the fifth year running that we have held the lecture at Harton Technology College and we are indebted to the Rt Hon David Miliband MP for bringing the lecture to Harton again. This year saw another very special guest, David Walliams, the comedian, writer, children’s author, and actor, well known for his partnership with Matt Lucas on the TV sketch show Little Britain.

David took the time to speak to one of our year 9 students, Oliver, who asked him several questions for the school’s news section of the website. He then mingled with students, staff and guests before taking to the stage with Mr Miliband.

The new format of the two Davids sitting on stage, with Mr Miliband posing various questions about Mr Walliams’ career, worked incredibly well. Mr Miliband was able to tease out, with his usual expertise, a number of humorous revelations from Mr Walliams. It was abundantly clear that there was incredible mutual respect between the two and Mr Walliams did say that Mr Miliband ought to become the next Prime Minister!

Once again, the lecture was a resounding success and we were thrilled to hear all about Mr Walliams’ exploits over the years. He came across as an incredibly genuine, sincere and very funny man. We now look forward to possibly hosting next year’s annual lecture at the school and would like to thank the two David’s, once again, for allowing us the opportunity this year.

Sir Ken Gibson (Executive Headteacher)

Video interview with David Walliams.

Below are some photos from the evening.