Consent for Participation

Your Consent

As part of the Academy’s admissions process, we will seek your consent for a number of things, where we wish to process your child’s, or your, personal data.  These will be for things such as your permission to

  • take photographs or video images of your child whilst in school or when taking part in Academy activities (including trips)
  • use the images in newsletters, brochures, on the website or social media, along with their name
  • allow your child to use the cashless payment system (for school meals) and the printing network
  • allow your child to take part in local and regional trips, as well as sports fixtures

This isn’t the whole list and – don’t worry – they are not ‘bundled up’ like this – you can choose to opt in, or opt out for different things.

The Academy will also ask you for information about your child, and yourself.  For you, it will include contact details, so we know how to get in touch with you, for example.  Many of these things we will ask you about will not require your consent for us to ask you, and then to process the information.

Only what we need

We always seek to minimise the amount of information we ask for – that is to say – if we don’t need to ask for it – we won’t.  We are required to explain to you why we need it.  It is the case that all the information we will ask you for – where we aren’t asking for your consent – is required by law, and so we have to collect the information and provide it to the Department for Education, for example.

Changing your mind

In relation to those questions where you are being asked for your consent you should be aware that you can, at any time, give or withdraw your consent.  That is to say, you can change your mind.

Your should be aware that any change to your consent will only apply from the point at which we receive notification, and we would ask that you allow us reasonable time to amend our records and take any appropriate action.

Only using the information for the purposes of …

Where we have asked for your consent, we will then only use that information for the purpose for which we have informed you.  If we do want to start using it for different purposes, we are required to ask your consent again on the new, or wider, basis.