Important information to parents/carers about pupil medical conditions and medication in school

Harton Academy is an inclusive community that aims to provide support for pupils with medical conditions, impairments and personal care needs.  The Academy aims to afford all children with these conditions the same opportunities as others at the Academy.

Pupils with medical conditions are encouraged to take control of their condition and, to help them do this, should feel confident in the support they receive from the Academy.  In order to adequately provide such support, staff at the Academy need up to date and accurate information.

Parents and Carers are reminded that it is their responsibility to update the Academy at the earliest opportunity as to any changes in their child’s medical or personal care needs and to provide medication that the child may need.  This will include:

  • advising of any changes to previously notified medication, condition or treatment, including where it is no longer relevant
  • informing the Academy if there has been a medical emergency
  • informing the Academy when contact details change (phone number, address etc.)


Should your child have a medical condition that requires them to be medicated during school hours, please be aware that :-

  • You must bring the medication to school in person.  We cannot accept medication of any type directly from a student.
  • We are able to accept medication prescribed by your GP, in the box that it was dispensed, with Pharmacy Label, child’s name, dosage regime, date it was dispensed and the expiry date.
  • We are unable to accept shop bought or over the counter medication.
  • If your child is on a short course of antibiotics, 3 times a day, please note that it is acceptable to give your child a tablet in the morning, teatime (when they get home from school) and bedtime.  In other words, such medication can be wholly administered at home. If the course of antibiotics is equal to 1 tablet 4 times a day the student will be required to take one during school hours. We are able to facilitate this but if the parent thinks the child capable, they can manage it themselves.
  • We will ask you to sign a Parental Agreement Form prior to the medication being administered to your child.

Following changes to government guidance, schools are now able to buy and hold a spare Adrenaline Auto Injector (AAI) for emergency use on children who are at risk of anaphylaxis if their own device is not available. This does not replace parental responsibility in this regard and the Medicines and Health care Regulatory Agency (MHRA) still recommends that children prescribed AAI’s should carry with them TWO devices at all times. At Harton Academy, we expect parents to meet this requirement.

Staff at the Academy manage medication for a range of medical conditions including ADHD medication, insulin, inhalers for those with asthma, general allergy relief and prescribed migraine relief tablets. Parents are reminded on a regular basis that it is their responsibility to provide this medication, and under the conditions described in the paragraph above.

For further enquiries or information about medical matters, please phone on (0191) 427 4050, ask for extension 436 (am) and 206 (pm), or email