Dates for the rest of this half term – added on 10 September 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

It has been wonderful to welcome the students back to school, and everyone seems to be enjoying some form of normality, which we all dearly hope will stay. If Public Health England or the Local Authority require us to reinstate any form of additional measures, such as the reintroduction of face coverings or (Heaven forbid!) bubbles, we will contact you. However, we certainly hope that the twice-weekly self-testing by us all at home will help us to mitigate this risk. By way of reassurance, we continue to ensure that the school is well ventilated, and there are hand sanitiser bottles in every classroom and open area, including the dining hall.

After an extremely successful first week back, I wanted to share a few important points and key dates for this coming half term.

Firstly, Mass Testing has been extremely successful (and busy!) this week. By the end of Monday 13 September, we will have supervised 1624 self-tests by our students in Years 7-11, which have so far yielded nine positive results; those students and their families then went on to have confirmatory PCR tests, leading to some families all testing positive. Whilst this is not ideal for those families, it has meant that the school population has been protected from risks, which can only be a good thing. Noteworthy, too, is that only two second tests came back as positive, a statistic which further supports the Mass Testing programme. Our sixth form students and staff are self-testing twice-weekly for the very same reasons. We are keen that as many students as possible conduct subsequent self-tests twice a week at home.

Dates for the rest of this half term:

To help our families organise their diaries, I am sharing the following dates (some will not be relevant to you, so can be ignored). Please do be aware that all events are subject to change or last-minute cancellation if we are required to respond to a COVID-related matter.

  • Ex-Y11 prize night, 15 September – invitees have been informed
  • Y12 Parents’ welcome, 23 September, 6.30pm
  • Y7 Parents’ evening – settling in, 29 September, 3.30pm
  • 6th Form Expedition Launch, 30 September, 6.30pm
  • Main School Open Evening, 7 October, 6pm-8pm
  • Year 11 Parents’ evening, 14 October, 3.30pm
  • Year 13 Parents’ evening, 20 October, 3.30pm
  • INSET Day, 22 October – school will be closed to our students.

In closing, I would like to thank you for your continued support of us in all that we do for your children.

Mr D. R. Amos
Acting Head Teacher