School Uniform

1 April 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

Many thanks for your continued support of the school and its policies.  We believe that it is in the best interests of both the school and the local community we serve, to ask that all of our students wear a uniform and present themselves smartly.

Our policy is based on the notion that a school uniform helps to promote a sense of identity and pride for our students, engendering a feeling of community and belonging, and allows pupils to feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of some key parts of the uniform policy. The intention of this is to avoid unnecessary confrontations with students returning to school following the Easter break, who are not dressed in accordance with school uniform policy.

All students in Years 7 – 11 are expected to respect and adhere to the uniform code; we ask parents and carers to help us by supporting us in this endeavour.


*The uniform listed below is compulsory, except where stated:

Blazer Beau Brummel Academy – navy blazer with logo.
Skirts A choice between Oakleigh Tartan Pleated or Pencil skirt in 19” length – optional.
Trousers Black Formal Dress Trousers.

For Years 7, 8, and 9 – Clip on, 16” Gold/Navy twin stripe tie.

For Years 10 and 11 – Clip on, 16” Navy with boat motif below the knot.

Jumper Navy V Neck Jumper with gold stripe is optional for all year groups.
Shirts A plain white shirt.
Outdoor coat Pupils can wear a coloured coat to school, so that they are more visible to motorists/others. We ask that all coats are plain, with no visible logo or badges, and open down the front.
Footwear Footwear should be plain, flat, black leather shoes/ankle boots with minimal decoration. Boots, other than ankle boots, including Dr Martens, should only be worn in wet weather conditions.  Training shoes should not be worn in school.

The following should not be worn in any circumstance:
Denims, leggings, skin tight trousers, casual dark (or other colour) trousers, hoodies (other than Harton P.E. hoodies) and tracksuits. 



For reasons of safety and risk of loss, jewellery (other than a watch) should not be worn in school. Students wearing jewellery may have it confiscated, and it will only be returned at a time agreed by the member of staff or the student’s Head of Year. The school cannot accept responsibility for items of jewellery which are lost or damaged.

Please note, any kind of body piercing (including nose, tongue and eyebrow studs) is not appropriate for school. Any child wearing such apparel to school will not be allowed to circulate around the school. Parents will be contacted.

Make-up Any make up should be subtle and of natural colours when worn. Excessive make-up should not be worn. Senior staff will determine ‘excessive’.
Hair Hairstyles designed to make fashion statements are not allowed in school, and parents will be contacted. Any student attending school with such a hairstyle will not be allowed to circulate around the school.

*Pupils not complying with the uniform code and the requirements around presentation and accessories will be challenged. Parents can expect to be contacted and the child may be sent home. 


We have chosen a single supplier, Michael Sehgal & Sons Ltd, for the main items of uniform, which are: blazer, tie, skirt. The rest of the uniform, i.e. shirt, trousers, shoes, can be purchased from any supplier.

The coronavirus crisis has led to a number of forced changes to the ordering process this year.

All orders will have to be made via our uniform supplier at:

For any queries, the suppliers can also be contacted at:

Michael Sehgal & Sons
28-40 Scotswood Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne,
Telephone: 0191 230 2320

We are very proud of our school and of our students and believe that high standards of uniform, behaviour, being properly equipped and attending regularly, give each and every one of our students the opportunity to achieve their very best.

Thank you all very much, in advance of your anticipated support.

Have a lovely Easter break!

Best wishes,
Mr Varley (Deputy Headteacher).