Year 9 Pathways Evening – added on 21 March 2022

Dear Parents/Carers

We are fast approaching the time when our Year 9 students will make decisions about the courses they will study in Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11). At Harton, we call this our ‘Pathways’ process. This process is overseen by Mrs Quinn who is responsible for our school timetable and by me as the school’s curriculum lead.

Each of the students will receive a recommended curriculum pathway which outlines their course choices as they move into Year 10, in September. We recognise the importance of this process and hope to provide as much support and guidance as possible.

In recent years we have successfully delivered our Pathways events remotely, using technology which we have become all too familiar with during the Coronavirus pandemic. We are now returning to normal social contact and acknowledge the appetite to return to face-to-face events.

We would therefore like to invite all parents and carers, of our Year 9 students, to join us at our Pathways presentation evening on Wednesday 23rd March. This event will take place in the main school hall beginning at 6:30pm. The presentation itself should last no longer than 20 minutes and staff will remain in the hall to answer questions. A video presentation will also be made available, following this event, for those who are unable to attend or remain cautious about attending larger gatherings. I and Mrs Quinn will be available during our Year 9 parents’ evening. Careers support will also be available at this parents’ evening. This may be a more convenient opportunity to address any questions you may have, once you have received your child’s Pathways booklets and had the chance to absorb all information given.

Key dates are summarised below:

16th March – Year 9 Pathways assembly
23rd March – Pathways presentation event 6:30pm
24th March – Video presentation distributed
25th March – Recommended pathways booklets distributed
30th March – Parents’ evening
29th April – Deadline for online submission of option choices
3rd May to 27th May – Processing of subject choices and consideration of individual needs
June – Final subject choices confirmed via email.

We look forward to welcoming you back into school.

Yours faithfully

Mr Peel
Deputy Head Teacher – Assessment, Recording & Reporting