Scholars’ Buses Information


Nexus has been in touch with us regarding the school bus service, and they have set a number of helpful points that we are sharing, below. Please note: the Nexus website at the end of this communication may take a short while to be updated, so the Harton Academy buses may not yet be shown.

School Transport from September 2020 will operate a closed-door system that will only allow students to board and no members of the public will be permitted to travel. By doing this, and under DfE an DfT regulations, Nexus can now increase capacity to a full seated load of approximately 60 passengers on double-decker buses, depending on vehicle configuration spec. We would still encourage you to promote walking/cycling or any other mode of accessing school wherever possible to alleviate the pressure on school buses. We also ask that you park as far away from the school building as possible, should you drive your child to school.

Throughout the first few days of term, Nexus will monitor service capacity to try to pre-empt overloading problems, and provide additional services wherever possible.  As with all new terms, Nexus has asked for patience and understanding to be shown as punctuality of services may be hindered by new students/drivers on new routes in the first week or so. They will endeavour to provide their usual high standard of service.

  1. School Transport will be restricted to students only (no adults allowed).
  2. Capacity will be a full seated load with all students to face forward and remain seated at all times.
  3. Over 11s must wear a face covering (other than with a medical exemption).
  4. Students to sanitise prior to boarding and after they disembark.
  5. Wherever possible, students to remain in their year bubbles.
  6. If paying by cash, ensure they have the correct fare as some operators may not return change.
  7. Request parents and students to check their travel arrangements – times and routes as they may have changed. (NEXUS website: