Values and Ethos

School Aims

Our aim is to create an environment that suits all types of learners providing an education that recognises the needs of all our young people, no matter what their gift or talent may be. We stress that school is a work place and that we expect everyone to work hard. The focus of our efforts in the school is quite firmly in the classroom, on teaching and learning and we strive for excellence in all things.

We are fortunate to have a well structured, traditional school building. However, BSF has given the school the opportunity to modernise the facilities of the school. The traditional school building sits alongside our cutting edge new building which houses our 6th Form Centre together with accommodation for Mathematics, Science and Technology subjects, a Learning Resource Centre and an open plan dining area. All of this has been designed and created with the learner at the heart of the planning process.

In 2006, our school was identified as outstanding by Ofsted and given the status of a ‘High Performing Specialist School‘ which entitled us to apply for a second specialism in MFL and a third specialism in Applied Learning. Our bids were successful and as a result we were also able to apply to teach pupils beyond the age of 16. Again, we were successful and our 6th Form Centre welcomed students for the first time in September 2010.

In January 2013, our school was once again identified as Outstanding in every category by Ofsted. This highly prestigious recognition is testament to the committed approach to all that happens within the school.

In addition to this, the school also gained recognition by Ofsted as one of ‘Twelve Outstanding Schools‘ in a national publication, and has been selected as an exemplar in the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust‘s publication “Five 21st Century Schools”.

In July 2011, the school became a National Teaching School – which offers a wide range of opportunities to staff enabling them to stay at the forefront of educational development.
All of the accolades that Harton receive are testament to the hard work and commitment that all staff put into the education of the young people at the school. This, alongside a wide range of learning strategies, the use of ICT to enhance the delivery of lessons and the desire always to improve what we are doing, makes Harton a school that embraces change whilst retaining traditional values.

Our Students

Our students do well. They do so, however, at their own level. Many will go to university and into the professions; some go into the Arts and Theatre; some go into medicine or industrial or commercial management. For these people, only a top job or superior honours degree will be good enough. The school is fully commited to supporting our higher achieving students.
For others, success might involve learning to read more fluently, developing a new hobby, learning to cope with the demands of everyday life or learning how to make new friends.
Whatever the child’s ability, the education of each individual is equally important to us, and we strive to ensure that all achieve their full potential. Every pupil attending Harton has gained at least five GCSE or equivalent certificates in the last three years.

Student Welfare and Discipline

We believe that student discipline at Harton is outstanding. Staff and students know exactly the context in which they work, what is expected of them and where the limits lie.
All staff have pastoral responsibilities and are expected to ensure a high and consistent standard of discipline while acting with fairness, courtesy and respect in their dealings with pupils. The pastoral system is organised on a Year basis with a Head of Year who is responsible, together with Form Tutors, for tracking pupils‘ progress, supporting their learning, ensuring their welfare and maintaining discipline. School expectations of student behaviour are made clear in the Student Diary and are founded on common sense and formulated to protect the interests of each member of the school community. In general, students are required to:

  • act in a reasonable and controlled manner at all times,
  • accept the authority of teaching and associate staff,
  • respect the property of the school and that of other people,
  • live and work in harmony with staff and other students, and
  • respect the working ethos of the school in their appearance, punctuality and attitudes.

There is a graded system of sanctions for any students who do not conform to these reasonable standards, but we also give a high priority to recognising good work, effort and behaviour. At Harton, we reward achievement and confer academic prizes. We are genuinely committed to the welfare of each child, and each pupil has daily contact with a tutor who will remain with them for the duration of their education at Harton. Tutorial periods aim to promote good relationships between staff and students and focus on aspects of personal and social education, tracking attainment and recording individual achievement.

Homework and the Student Diary

We believe that the regular setting and marking of homework are associated with good education and effective schools. We interpret our homework policy within guidelines which allow for age, ability and subject requirements, rather than strict time allocations. Your child will be given a pupil diary, which includes a homework section and the facility for you to comment on homework. We have a ‘Homework Club’ which is open to all pupils on four nights each week, Monday – Thursday 3:15pm – 5:00pm in the school library. All sessions are supervised by Harton staff who are available to provide help which is customised to meet individual needs. Homework is monitored by Form Tutors, Subject Leaders and Heads of Year.