Accelerated Reader

At Harton Academy, all KS3 students participate in the Accelerated Reading Programme, during registration, three mornings a week. The Accelerated Reading programme focusses on reading for understanding and this is assessed by a short quiz at the end of each book. The overall aim is for each student to be able to easily access GCSE texts in KS4 and to have a better understating, improving reading ages along the way.

Accelerated Reading encourages substantial differentiated reading practice to create strong readers, based on each student’s independent reading level. Accelerated Reading helps set personalised goals for each student and guide students to books difficult enough to keep them challenged, but not so difficult to cause frustration. Accelerated Reader helps all students to become more confident readers, from students with SEN to those who are gifted and talented. When students read books at the appropriate level they will experience success.
In addition, Accelerated Reading will help students develop:

  • Vocabulary growth
  • Literacy skills
  • Improved  understanding of texts
  • Increase fluency
  • Improve comprehension
  • Enhance their enjoyment of reading  and appreciation of different authors

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