Volunteering, Work Experience and Placements at Harton Academy

As a Teaching School, we are pleased to be able to offer opportunities for volunteering, work experience or college placements. Often these are an opportunity for people interested in

• teaching as a career
• training in other forms of classroom support

and wish to find out if they enjoy and have an aptitude for being in a classroom.  Although many volunteers seek classroom experience, we do not limit opportunities to this area alone.

We regularly support individuals who are undertaking courses and need to undertake classroom experience as part of their study, however we only accept placements for teachers who are part of an accredited undergraduate or postgraduate course.

There is always a demand for volunteering experience which can mean that we sometimes have to decline requests. This can be due to the number of volunteers we may be hosting at any particular time. If you do wish to get in touch to enquire about spending time in school, you can contact us via e-mail, making sure you tell us :

  • what volunteering you are wanting to undertake, for example – is there a particular department or subject you are interested in? or do you wish to volunteer in general classroom support? how many days a week/month are you interested in doing, and for how long ?
  • why you want you volunteer with us

Requests, queries and applications can be directed to John Gibson at jgibson@hartonacademy.co.uk

We may ask you to undertake a Disclosure and Barring Service check. We will advise you of the process for undertaking this, if we offer you a placement with Harton.  If you are applying as part of a college course, please check with your institution whether they will provide a check for you.