Personal Development Award

Personal Development Award

To achieve the award you need to complete all four sections.

Bronze (year 7)  – 4 hours of volunteering / skill / physical and 1 challenge
Silver (year 8)  – 6 hours of volunteering / skill / physical and 2 challenges
Gold (year 9) – 8 hours of volunteering / skill / physical and 3 challenges
Adrenaline Award – 5 challenge activities
Extreme Adrenaline Award  – 10 Challenge activities


Giving your time to help / support others and make a difference in the local community. The benefits are that it can help you:

Gain confidence / Make a difference / Meet different kinds of people / Make new friends / Be part of a community / Learn new skills / Take on a challenge / Have fun!


Taking time to be physically active will make a difference to you in the following ways:

It can make you feel happier / Help with weight loss / Good for your muscles and bones / Increases energy levels / Reduces risk of chronic disease / Helps skin health / Helps your brain health and memory.


Trying new things and learning new skills can help you to develop in many ways:

It changes brain chemistry / Learning speed increases / You can make connections between skill areas / You become a more interesting person / It fights boredom / You adapt better to change.


Stepping outside of your comfort zone allows you to really learn about yourself and develop. Could be activities such as high ropes, surfing, mountain biking, camping – any activity that presents a challenge.

It can make you: Feel Good / Build Personal Strength, Character, Empowerment, and Motivation / Gain Self-Trust / Builds Self-Confidence and High Self-esteem.