Students at KS5 can choose either the Edexcel BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Music or the AQA GCE A Level in Music

AQA A Level Music

The A level Music specification enables students to extend their knowledge and understanding of music, to create and develop their own musical ideas and to demonstrate technical, interpretative and communication skills through performing music.

This six-unit course helps students to develop aural, theoretical and analytical skills and enables them to explore a significant set work and an area of study selected to suit their preferences. They can choose to study compositional techniques, to create music which draws on their own experience and enthusiasm or to arrange a given piece of music. In their performances, students can present solo and ensemble pieces and can work with music technology.

A level Music builds on the knowledge and skills gained from GCSE Music as well as musical experience gained outside the classroom. It recognises the interdependence of different aspects of musical activity. The qualification provides a sound preparation for the study of music in higher education, as well as providing opportunities to develop strengths and interests leading to music-related and other careers. It encourages students to develop a wide range of transferable skills such as critical thinking, research, communication and team-work.

The units studied on the course are:

Units in Year 12 culminating in AS Music

  1. Influences on Music
  2. Creating Musical Ideas
  3. Interpreting Musical Ideas

Units in year 13 studied to a full A level in Music

  1. Music in Context
  2. Developing Musical Ideas
  3. A Musical Performance

The AQA A Level in music has an external examination, controlled assessment and portfolio based assessment. The full course specification can be found by clicking on the following web link: