What will I study?

For the A level, you study Social Influence, Memory, Attachments, Psychopathology, Approaches, Biopsychology, Research methods, Issues and debates, Relationships, Schizophrenia and Forensic Psychology.

In each topic area, you will be looking at the essential studies that have been carried out by psychologists. There is an opportunity to investigate areas such as why people obey, how do you decide if a person is normal or not, and are you more likely to develop into a criminal if your relationship with your parents is not good. The evidence for and against some interesting topics is investigated on the A level course such, what factors are important in keeping relationships from breaking up, how does offender profiling work, and can Schizophrenia be cured?

This subject encourages candidates to develop skills of analysis, evaluation and research as well as the ability to apply their knowledge of psychology to social, cultural and contemporary issues. Skills which enable students to become more independent and critical thinkers.

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How will I be assessed?

For A Level Psychology, there are 3 papers. Each paper is 120 minutes long and worth 33.33% of the A Level. Each paper is worth 96 marks. Paper1 consists of Social Influence, Memory, Attachments, and Psychopathology. Paper 2 consists of Approaches, Biopsychology, and Research methods. Paper 3 consists of Issues and debates, Relationships, Schizophrenia and Forensic Psychology.

Each exam is likely to have multiple choices, short answers and extended writing.

Where does the course lead?

This course of study will help you understand the science behind behaviour. For those students interested in studying the subject at a higher level, psychology can be studied at university and can lead to a range of occupations, e.g. Marketing, Counselling, Teaching, Forensic & Criminal Psychology, Health Psychology ( nursing or OT), Occupational Psychology ( Business development) and Sport and Exercise psychology. It can also lead to a career as a clinical psychologist working within the health service or within private practice.

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