Physical Education

Our main aim is to make Physical Education enjoyable and challenging to help instill a healthy and active lifestyle which can be carried on outside the confines of the school.

Within all lessons, students will be supported and encouraged to progress, ensuring that all can aspire to reach their sporting potential. This will be achieved by developing their strengths while simultaneously improving their weaker areas. During their time involved in Physical Education, students will also come to appreciate the importance of a healthy body and mind, and develop many transferable key skills including cooperation and communication.

Key Stage 3

In Year 7, 8 and 9, students will be provided with two hours of Physical Education every week, one which will take place indoors and the other outdoors.

Both lessons work on a modular system rotating every 6-9 weeks to allow students to experience a broad range of sports and activities. The rotation also serves to engage all students regardless of their sporting preferences.

Key Stage 4

In Year 10 and 11, students are provided with between two and three lessons per fortnight of Core Physical Education. At each modular rotation, they are provided with options enabling them to select the activities in which they would prefer to participate.

Students are expected at this stage to develop a wider spectrum of skills, allowing them to take on numerous roles within the Physical Education setting, including that of a coach, referee and player. Students are also provided with the opportunity to select GCSE Physical Education or Cambridge Nationals Sports Science at key stage 4. GCSE Physical Education is a combination of both practice and theory, with students being assessed in three sporting areas (30% of marks), coursework (10% of marks) and completing two written examinations (60% of marks). The Cambridge Nationals Sports Science course consists of 4 modules, three of which are coursework (75% of marks) the other being an exam (25% of marks)

Key Stage 5

At key stage 5, students can opt to follow GCE A Level Physical Education. GCE Level Physical Education is a combination of both practice and theory, with students being assessed in one sporting area (20% of marks), coursework (10% of marks) and completing three written examinations (70% of marks).

Extracurricular Physical Education

Throughout their time at Harton, all students will be actively encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. These are available across a range of sports, and a range of days and times, to help provide access for all students. Those who attend will also be given the opportunity to represent the school in several competitions and events.

Students are allocated a house and have the opportunity to compete in regular inter-house competitions throughout the year.

Last updated: 30-04-18

Key Staff

Miss S Burden :

Name: Miss S Burden

Role: Teacher


Mr D Gibson :
Head of Year 7

Name: Mr D Gibson

Role: Head of Year 7


Mr J Mackay :

Name: Mr J Mackay

Role: Teacher


Mr L Smart :
Head of Year 11

Name: Mr L Smart

Role: Head of Year 11


Mr R Burroughs :
Deputy Head Teacher & Director of 6th Fo

Name: Mr R Burroughs

Role: Deputy Head Teacher & Director of 6th Form


Mr W Green :
Head of Year 10

Name: Mr W Green

Role: Head of Year 10


Mrs A Backhurst :

Name: Mrs A Backhurst

Role: Teacher


Mrs G Mulligan :
Assistant Head of Year 8

Name: Mrs G Mulligan

Role: Assistant Head of Year 8


Mrs L Murphy :
Subject Leader

Name: Mrs L Murphy

Role: Subject Leader


Mrs T Morris :
Assistant Subject Leader

Name: Mrs T Morris

Role: Assistant Subject Leader