Duke of Edinburgh’s Expeditions

It was great to finally get back into the great outdoors and for the D of E groups to be able to complete the training and expedition sections of the award. Forty year 11 students completed the expedition over two separate weekends and a memorable time was had by all in the beautiful Teesdale valley.

The students completed over 20 miles of walking over 2 days carrying large rucksacks and being self-sufficient in terms of cooking, navigation and camping. All the staff that supported the trips were very impressed with the commitment, determination, resilience and effort that was invested, and it was also great to see the students supporting each other within theirs groups.

Many of the students have already shown that they are up for a further challenge in taking on the silver level which is great to see.

Soon, we have 17 students completing the Gold expedition in Malham for the practice expedition and then the Lake District for the final qualifying one. We are incredibly proud to have such high numbers involved in such a well-respected award and particularly this number gaining the highest level.

Well done to all involved!

Mr Burroughs
(Deputy Head Teacher)