Easter Break Update

Dear Parents/Carers

As we start our Easter holidays, we wanted to summarise a few key points for you all.

1. Water

As the weather continues to improve, could you please ensure your child has sufficient water for their day? This is especially important during the pandemic, as we do not have the usual communal water fill-up stations around the school. In line with Public Health advice, we are being careful to avoid unnecessary risks of cross-contamination. The students only have one dedicated day to access the dining hall, and they are unable to go there on other days to purchase water, for fear of bubbles crossing.

2. Uniform standards

There will be a separate communication from us regarding our determination to maintain the high standards of dress that we know our families appreciate. Please do take a moment to read this when it comes out. We are keen for you to know that we will support families with any concerns or difficulties they may experience in purchasing appropriate items.

3. First aid

Whilst we know the best place for a young person is to be at school, and we positively encourage all of our students to have 100% attendance, please do not send your child into school if you think they will end up getting sent home or, of course, if they have COVID symptoms. We have experienced an increase in the calls upon our first aid staff, who must only be accessed in an emergency. Please do encourage your child to decide if they really do need a first responder in school.

4. COVID-19

  • We are required to engage in the NHS Track and Trace protocols over Easter, so please do tell us if your child tests positive within two days of them breaking up for the Easter holidays. This is essential, as we will be required to contact their in-school close contacts to advise them to self-isolate. Please contact us at: Covid@hartonacademy.co.uk
  • If you have consented for your child to self-test for COVID-19 at home, they will have sufficient kit to do so twice-weekly over Easter. These ought to be carried out with a gap of 3-5 days, please. We have suggested Sundays and Wednesdays. Your child must self-test on Sunday 18 April, just before returning to school. The school only needs to be advised of positive test results, using the address: Covid@hartonacademy.co.uk

5. Easter revision for Years 11 and 13

You and your child will be aware by now of the extensive revision programme the school has put together for the Easter holiday (see tables below). Members of staff are giving up some of their own time to come in and teach the students in the holidays, so we do urge you to encourage your child to take advantage of this offer, if their teacher has invited them into school. The school is keen to submit Teacher Assessments to the exam boards that fairly and accurately represent your child’s efforts over recent months. If they do come in, please ensure your child self-tests for COVID the day before their first lesson.

Year 11 – Easter sessions

Y11 Easter Revision Sessions

Year 13 – Easter sessions

Y13 Easter Revision Sessions


6. Masks and self-testing for COVID after Easter

Once we have received updated guidance from the Government, we will share any news with you.

7. Attendance

We have been delighted with the attendance of our students since their return from March 8th. The current whole school figure stands at almost 95% compared to the latest national figure for state secondary schools which has dropped to 87%.

Many thanks to the students for their attendance and marvellous engagement, and to parents and carers for your wonderful and continued support. We look forward to seeing many year 11 and year 13 students in school over the Easter break for revision, and we look forward to seeing all of our students back on Monday April 19th, suitably refreshed!

Have a lovely Easter and stay safe.

Very best wishes,
Sir Ken (Executive Head ) and David Amos (Head of School)