Mass Testing for all Harton students

Dear Parents/Carers

Mass Testing, September 2021

We have emailed all of our parents and carers regarding COVID-19 mass testing from September 2021. Please do check your spam or junk emails, as we need your consent. Thank you. If you (or your child, if they are over 16) do not consent to self-test in school in early September, they will still be permitted to attend school, so please do not worry.

The purpose of the mass testing is to identify anyone who may have COVID-19 without having any obvious symptoms (asymptomatic), and therefore to break the chain of infection. If your child were to test positive in school, Public Health England and Government advice is that they self-isolate for ten days and take a PCR test, as is the current situation.

This is an overview of September’s testing programme – full details to follow in the coming weeks:

Year group Test 1 (students only onsite for testing, *except for Year 9s) Date and time of their full return
Year 7 Monday 6 September – morning Tuesday 7 September – 8.30am
Year 8 Monday 6 September – afternoon Tuesday 7 September – 1.00pm
Year 9 Wednesday 8 September – morning *Wednesday 8 September – after Test 1
Year 10 Tuesday 7 September – afternoon Wednesday 8 September – 8.30am
Year 11 Tuesday 7 September – morning Wednesday 8 September – 8.30am
Year 12 Testing at home on Tuesday 7 September
(self-test kits distributed during enrolment)
Wednesday 8 September – 1.00pm
Year 13 Testing at home on Tuesday 7 September
(self-test kits to be collected from Reception during the summer holidays)
Wednesday 8 September – 8.30am