Quick Update for Parents and Carers

Dear Parents and Carers

We thought you would appreciate a quick update, exactly one year to the day when the students were sent home ahead of the first national lockdown.

Asymptomatic Mass Testing

We have now supervised over 90% of our students, who have had a total of 4119 COVID-19 tests in school, conducted over a nine-day period. We are extremely grateful to all of our families who have supported us with the mass testing. As always, our wonderful students have conducted themselves superbly throughout the process. All self-test kits have now been distributed, so please do urge your child to self-test every Sunday and Wednesday night, as per the school’s previous communication. We only need to be notified if they have a positive test, when your child would then need to have a follow-up PCR test, arranged via the NHS.

Of course, we were extremely disappointed that two of these tests (0.05%) did in fact come back as positive, leading to half of Year 10 needing to self-isolate, under Public Health advice and guidelines. Remote teaching is in place for these students, so please do urge them to engage in their lessons from home.

Massive thanks to the testing team who have overseen a huge operation for almost two weeks.


Attendance this week currently stands at just over 95%, which is very encouraging. However, there is considerable variation between the different year groups (93% to 98%). After the extended periods of lockdown, we urge our students to continue to come into school as much as they are able to, unless they have symptoms of Coronavirus or are cited as close contacts. You will doubtless agree that the children belong in school. Here is where they learn best of all. We remain extremely proud of the manner in which our students have settled back to school life, and behaviour continues to be exceptional. Our Year 11 and 13 students are engaging very well because the vast majority understand the important role that teacher assessments play in their final grades.

Year 9 Options

The personalised pathways booklets have now been sent out to all year 9 students. We urge parents/carers to study these carefully with their children, as the options process is extremely important in determining the correct route for the students when they begin KS4 studies in September 2021.

In closing, please accept our very best wishes, and I am sure you will join us in thanking all of our staff at Harton for everything they continue to do under these extraordinary circumstances.

Sir Ken Gibson (Executive Headteacher) and Mr David Amos (Head of School)