Staff and students to self-test for COVID-19

Dear Parents/Carers

Now we have returned from the Easter holiday, we would like to remind you that the Government is still urging all staff and students to self-test for COVID-19 twice a week. Harton continues to hand out the test kits to all students for whom we have consent, and we ask that these self-tests are conducted every Sunday and Wednesday, please. As you may be aware, a significant number of people with Coronavirus do not have any symptoms, but remain highly contagious, so the tests are an important way to help stop the spread of the virus as we all aim to return to normality this summer.

Our staff are reporting all their test results. However, students’ results only need to be shared if they are positive. If your child has a positive result from the self-test, they must self-isolate and seek a confirmatory PCR test. If this is negative, they can return to school. If it is positive, they must continue to self-isolate for ten days. We have already benefitted from receiving positive test results, leading to fewer students being infected.

Many thanks for your support.

Best wishes.

David Amos
Head of School