Vaccination messages for Schools

Dear Parents and Carers

We have been asked to share this email from South Tyneside Council. It is regarding the availability of local vaccine clinics in the area this week. These are for people who need their first or second jabs.

Please take a moment to read the Council’s email, below, and the Vaccines Q&A Factsheet here.

Many thanks and best wishes.
Mr D. R. Amos
Head of School


Dear Head Teacher,

As part of the continued effort to respond to the Covid 19 pandemic the vaccination programme is a vital element of our approach to reduce risk, increase protection and reduce disruption in our schools and local communities. Therefore we wanted to ask you to support us in promoting the vaccination across your staff, parents and carers.

For any staff who have not yet accessed the vaccine or still require their second dose the 3 Vaccine hubs in South Tyneside are offering weekly drop in clinics so no need to make an appointment.  The drop in clinics will operate are the current times; we have included a graphic to promote this via social media, website etc

  • The Glen – Tuesday 3-6pm
  • Cleadon park – Thursday 3-6pm
  • Flagg Court – Saturday 3-6pm

This option is available to anyone living or working in South Tyneside (agreed on the vaccine bubble yesterday morning) so will be applicable to all Staff.

For your parents and carers we ask that you share through your communication channels with parents/carers some key vaccination messages included in the Supporting Social Copy document. We have also attached a number of images that could be used on your social media channels too.  We have gave a few examples below too.

We have a number of Key messages that could be used e.g. The Covid-19 vaccine is the best protection against the virus. Every vaccination gives us hope – helping us back to a more normal way of life. To book your Vaccine please visit this link:

All adults aged between 18 and 49 are now being prioritised for the Covid-19 vaccine. The NHS is urging everyone to be cautious of misinformation and use trusted sources to answer any questions. For more information, visit

It’s ok to ask vaccine questions – videos and FAQs answered by qualified medical professionals across the North East can be found at
Videos –
FAQs –

We have also provided a Vaccine Q & A here.

Paula Phillips
Public Health Service Lead

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